Link action problem

I added link action after update action to the button.
Update action works well, but link action doesn’t work.

スクリーンショット 2020-05-01 20.20.27

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Hi Sho, i’m facing the same problem right now. Have you been able to solve this?

One possible reason is a mistake on the update action. E.g. if you try to do something that doesn’t make sense due to changes on your database or something else - If the update action doesn’t complete, the next action (link) will not work.

Thanks! I’ve been able to understand the problem here.

Every time the server wich you submit the action returns something different than 20x, i.e: an error as occured at server side, the action is not completed nor the link followed (as theadaloguy suggested).

I think a reference of this in the docs would be nice to have.

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