Link not working after 'Create' or 'Update' action?


As I’m setting up my mobile inventory I keep running into this issue where the ‘Link to page X’ action doesn’t work when I use it after an action that involves creating or updating data. More specifically in these two cases:

  1. When I edit a product and tap ‘save changes’, the product updates but the Link action is not performed.
  2. When I GET user data through a custom action and create types, the Link action that is supposed to take me to the page containing that specific data is not performed.

I tried the same workflows on different components and nothing works.

Is this something that can’t be done or shouldn’t this be an issue at all?

Hi Renze,

I did hear about this happening, but only when there were like 5 update/create actions before the link action. Sounds like a bug, I would submit a support ticket.

Yea only 2 actions before the link one. I’ll submit. Thanks!

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