Link data missing

Hi guys,

I made this video (- YouTube)because I’ve a trouble with the data.

As you can see in the video I click on a Avatar List (this avatar List refer to a collection that I made).

When I go to “Les personnes disponibles”, we can see a list of the collection “LesTravailleursListeenFctdutravail”. (it refer to workers)
When you click on one people in this list I show differents informations about a worker (name / …)

You can see that on the screen “Informations du travailleur” I have the data of the current “LesTravailleursListeenFctdutravail”= worker.

After that I link to “Proposer un nouveau Job” in it tells me that my screen “Home” missing data of current “LesTravailleursListeenFctdutravail”.

But when I link the screen “Informations du travailleur” to “Home” there’s no available data in “Home”.

I tried with this way to do but didn’t worked (Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Database Collections, Relationships, and the Infinite Menu - YouTube)

Somebody has info?

Thanks to you, and hope you’ve understood !

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I have been using Adalo for a while.

I also have the same problem with data link missing. Like the data link does not appear on the next screen, when you try to filter the list. It was completely fine a few weeks ago. I did not make any changes, suddenly the linked data just does not show up.

My app structure is completely dysfunctional. My app is like 3 months of efforts.

I cannot just start again from scratch

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Hi @Yunae :wave:

Your video is private. Change the settings.

Thank you

sorry → done*

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The message tells missing from Home / Job & proxl screen. Delete the link action in that screen that going to the Proposer un Job screen. Then try

Thank you