[HELP] Linked Data missing and more, Desperately need Help!


I started 2 weeks ago to create a marketplace app everything worked and the more features I add the less it is working, data disappears. I’ve spend hours to try to figure it out but I do not find a solution, if someone could help me it would be amazing! :slight_smile:

The items on the home page are not showing up anymore. There is a few screens before but they all get the same issue as well.

Same issue with the listing page, i get that some data missing from the category page (but those data are not related to the categories, so why should i add them on this page?)

If anyone is willing to help me I can send you the link to the app or more screenshots, that would really amazing!


i understand. if you could let me know how to get in touch and how much do you charge?

Hi @sharon,

Usually this happens when you have a screen flow with a data linked to it (Current something), and then you add the link to one of the screens in this flow from a screen which doesn’t have this Current something.
Sometimes it also happens due to Adalo glitch when you have 2 screens with Current something, pointing at the 3rd screen (but this bug is very rare and I couldn’t find the way to reproduce it).
This video by @pford could be useful: Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube

In general such things are quite difficult to diagnose remotely - you just need to sit and check all screen flow. You can try to find the screen which causes the issue, by checking screen linking backwards. E.g.: you have Current Category missing on Listing page. Go check Favorites, Liked Listings, Home, Start New Conversation if you have Current Category there. Repeat until you find the screen which misses it.

Also: you have Home screen with no linked data, but this should be perfectly normal. Home screen is a starting screen for an app, you should not expect Current something there. In order to get Current something, you need to have a list first, and then an action to go from a list item to another screen; but this is usually not the case for a Home screen.



Thanks Victor. I did watch did video before, I did go over a lot of the screens and deleted some links and then the info goes through and shows up. But my main issue is that if i do not link it up then i do not see other ways to go around with the flow.

For example, the category page (there is a few categories) have a list of listings which is linked to a listing page. When I add the action link they I got an issue as my sub categories are not part of the category page but I have no idea how to integrate them (as I have quite a few of them…)

Any idea?

thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @sharon,

Sure, I totally understand.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to give a meaningful advice about your particular case without having a look at the whole app - such advice requires deeper investigation.

Nevertheless, are a couple of hints:

  • Usually the flow is organised like: Category List → Subcategory List (current category) → Items list → Item view. However if you need to get to a Items list Screen from another place, you will loose the Current Category and Current Subcategory. A workaround could be storing the selected Category and Subcategory in Logged-in User properties (relations created specifically for that), and use them as a filter for Items List.
  • similar approach as above could be used to access Shopping Cart from everywhere (just have a relation Users - Cart). Patrick Ford @pford has made a wonderful video course about it, but I don’t have a link at hand.
  • yet another option is to have a so-called “single item list”. E.g. if you need to have current X on a certain screen, and you know exactly what is this current X, you can “wrap” a Button / Icon, which links to this screen into a list. And then make it a list of X, filtered by required criteria (so that there is only one item in a list). As a result you’ll have current X on a target screen.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.

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thanks @Victor very useful informations