Link favorites to product detail screen


I’m trying to build a favorites page. Everything goes well except I can’t link the list of favorited items to a detail screen.

  1. The user goes on a product page and clicks on the favorite icon.
  2. The item goes in the favorite list.
  3. The user can see all his favorite items on the favorites page.
  4. The user can’t click on the list to see the detail (it means basically going back on the product page).

I tried everything and watched all the videos but it seems there is no solution to my problem. But what’s the point of building a favorite page if the user can’t click on each item?

Maybe I missed something?

Thank you for your help!

Can you please send some screenshots ? I think it’s because your details screen receive data from many sources, you can check on your details screen (click on the screen name and “available data”) you can see which data is sended and which has an error

Here is a screenshot. As you can see the data isn’t available. I tried everything but it seems we simply can’t link a favorites list item to a product page…

It’s because the screen PRODUCT PAGE need these missing data. So you need to create another screen a copycat of PRODUCT PAGE. It’s what I do with my news app with favorites, readlater and more. It’s very tricky but I think it’s the better thing to do

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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