How to link different screens to( pages ) to my simple list items?

Hi , i can’t do it , when i put a simple list i cannot link the screen i want in order to show the item i’m pressing on it … have my Joy Collection and when i click on Joy 1 i want to go in the Joy screen but nothing happens …because i cannot do the link in anyway…, i tried to make connections but the Joy 1 screen says no available data.
Is there a better way to link our screen without losing so much time ?
Why not put a link inside the collection or …is there a way to do it?
Is perfectly fine is me missing something but i can’t understand why .
I’ve created a Category and inside i put the Joy item , i made connection between them , so why no linked pages when i put a simple list in Joy screen which has Joy one listed and then why being clicked it doesn’t jump to Joy 1 screen ?
Then, i saw the youtube tutorial and its very confusing and too much fast, clearly he knows
but clearly he misses to understand that people like me is not…so left out from the explanation ,perhaps,some basic notions… .
Then,every Joy 1,2 etc…can have a different ( ex. audio or video component called there ?Audio joy 1 , audio joy 2 etc. )
Can you help me please ? I’m getting mad , i know i’m dumb but i wish so much to understand how.

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Hi @lelemarea ,

Have you try to read all the articles from ?

How many forum threads that you have read ? half of them ?

I know it is difficult to make a shortcut, because maybe marketing material suggest that, but to embrace a specific skill like Adalo’s way, we need to start from zero and climb the way up, we need to follow their terms and interfaces first then realize what their rules are.

This thing takes time, but for some of gifted persons time can be compressed in matter of minutes, but that is their gift.


Thanks, I’ve read a lot and while I share your view unfortunately this doesn’t help me, I will continue to dig, thanks…for help .

Hi @lelemarea ,

Let’s learn together, because I am also new and frequently get lost.

Here is cloneable app for your reference.

Sorry to be direct, but you need to focus one at a time.

What do you want to ask ?


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Oh my God , you are so kind…yes i created a simple list try test app because i’m focusing on simple tasks , so yes , lets learn together,its a pleasure , i really appreciate, feel free to be direct as you want , thanks thanks thanks. being cloned right now …what i’m tryin to do is to have an audio player there which reads the mp3 from the URL in the “Joy Collection” such as in the podcast app available here on adalo’s template and then to replicate this 10 times , because Joy is one of my ten categories…so i’ll try to swap and rebuild a database taking look from your getle example …that being said …i see Adalo makes upload files…i was wondering which was the way to make it read by my audio player…by creating list ?But as you said ,lets go step by step learning, simple tasks and then move forward, i agree

Above you can see how i’m planning to work,
differently from your sooo kind example i need to an audio player which takes data from ALBUM DB and a video player which makes the same , but as you told me first i have to understand how to link screen as you did…cannot ask you to be so gentle to explain me the process … i will try to do my best , thanks for now.

Now, I get what you mean.

Hang on, I will update that cloneable app.

Hi @lelemarea ,

I have updated the app, please check back link at 2nd post.

Oh my God , can’t believe it…you made all this for me …i have no words !!! Thank you , what a bless you are, what can I do for you…

Its simply great…so basically all is link’d to Joy , which is the PRO category isn’it ? In the podcast app ( clonable on Adalo ) they call the URL ( which is a text property ) , if i put in the player screen link’d to joy’s list ( which I called ALBUM DB )an audio player component ,would it read the url (?)if i put in the url’s field by magic text the relative url-mp3…,cannot wait to try, this makes me learn A LOT!!!

i see that you put the allegee property there…so if with magic text i call the field player should …play isn’it? Wow my brain is boiling , this is so kind, satisfying and gentle , a real gift for my heart…and my knowledge !!! Stay safe…and thanks for your profound kindness !

Hi @lelemarea ,

Glad that you like it.

For audio or video component, I think someone else are more suitable in helping you regarding this.

And different thread might be useful, with clear title what is that you want to ask.

If you have more question regarding linking to another screen with pushed data, or relational collection, you may ask again here.

Another tip, you can try to stimulate relational collection in spreadsheet first and see how your logical thinking solve that, it takes visualization to know how to build relational, 1-to-many is starting point, don’t go yet to many-to-many, unless you have no other choice.

Also pay attention, whenever interface in Adalo show magic text, custom formula, sometimes visible, filtering, sorting, change input value and how context menu works.

Also, the difference between action for create and update, replace content with another field or collection (for relational), adding or removing record.

It is all their no-code language, missing this will make us think in circle with no outcome.

That is why, this takes time, but you will enjoy the process and I am sure you will overcome and succeed.


Ok, cannot tell you how great your help is , last thing , i saw in the pro-joy you didn’t write put player here as you did in the first two ( free audio and video ) , i think its because you forget but don’t wanna say its this the reason , just a curiosity in order to understand better . Thanks for your advices and , without bothering you , if i need and you think its coherent with this post title , i would be glad to talk you more , thanks for your time and your advices , really really appreciate.

You are correct, I may forget to write some instructions.

Because my focus is showing you how screens are interconnected, but you will solve it during user story, it is a process that a user need to see and act to accomplish something, then you will know where ideally to put the components and display them accordingly.

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Thanks again for all

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