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Hi all,

I’ve already asked adalo support but all I am getting are some weird copy-paste answers.

To get to a specific screen of the app I would always just open the PWA on my phone, got the link from the browser, and used it to create a QR code. That code would then lead to a specific page inside the PWA.

This is no longer working, and all of my 50-ish QR codes are leading to the index/main screen now. When did this happen ? is anyone else facing the same problem ?


I am not facing this problem. All our links are working as expected.
We only face this problem with few types of Android phones. But for 90% of devices, the link works well.

Also please note that if your link has too many characters, this can affect the way other device browsers load the specific page.

In my experience, copying/pasting the link from browser then generating QR code can create inconsistent experience.

My advice is to optimize the URL by removing unnecessary characters that could be associated with Linked Data or Click Actions that are not important. We managed to remove 60-70% of the characters in the URL and still get the desired result.

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Hello Muhammed,

Thank you for the reply. After more testing, I would agree, some android phones do have this problem ( tested on s22 and s23), few iphones I’ve tested seemed ok.

Could you elaborate further on your advice to optimize URLs ?
Mine look like:{}
I’ve tried cutting the string after ‘/’ on various parts but still didn’t get the desired outcome on those phones. Is there a method you are using ?

my links in pwa are all the same where do you get different links from?

When you open your PWA in your phone browser, each page should have a different URL.

bro, it has one address, i have already seen it, if you have solutions, let me know

Ср, 19 апр. 2023 г. в 10:57, mwfire via Adalo <>:

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