Are adalo links to specific web pages stable?

I want people to be able to scan a QR code and be redirected to a specific page in my webapp which has specific data. I already created one of these links: Confirm promotion

My question is this: are these links stable? Will this link always open with the correct data (assuming that I don’t delete the page or the data of course)? Or is the structure of this link and how it currently links to the right page temporary, and so it’s possible that Adalo might change the structure in the future and thus breaking the link? Please let me know.

my attempts failed

Hey Tony, how do you mean exactly? Did the URL break at some point?

I am using a specific link to a page on my application since few months now and it is still working fine


you can do that using PWA deep linking component, it is found on

tutorial video: PWA Deep Linking Adalo - YouTube

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