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Hi everyone,

I’m creating my first app and I would like to link my Monday database with Adalo.
I don’t know a lot about it but I understood that I needed to create an API. So I created one, however when I past it in the blank space for it, it says that the operation can’t be completed.
Anyone faced this situation or could see the mistake here?
Thank you !

Hi Typhaine,

Welcome to the Community! :partying_face:

You do NOT need to create your own API. You could use Monday’s API documention.

Btw, for the “code” API you need to use the CURL. It would be a POST with the following base URL:

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Thank you for the fast reply! :pray:
You already helped me by telling me that I can deal without creating API, however I’m facing other questions now :grimacing:
I want users to be able to login ONLY if their email address is saved in my Monday database. Is this possible? and do I need to get through Monday’s API to do so?

Sorry for the late reply.

You could probably do this. Below are the steps:

  • First, ask the user for their email.
  • Then you could use a custom action or external collections (you need to be on a paid plan or the integrations trial to use this) to search your users in Monday.

You would have two screens for the email validation:

Email NOT saved in your Monday database:

– Link to this screen ONLY if the email that the user entered in the first step is NOT in your database. "Oh no! We did not find your email in our records/database"

Email saved in your Monday database:

– Link to this screen ONLY if the email that the user entered in the first step is in your database. Also, I would put for this screen "Sucess! We found your email in our records/database"

I hope this helps!

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Thank you!
I am currently in the integration trial so I’m going to try that.
However I still don’t get how to use the custom action, cause it requires API I the 2nd step, and I don’t know how to find it :thinking: is there any chance you could help with that?

Please watch this video:

Thank you!
How can I get the API link though?

The link is or Base URL:

Hi @James_App_Maker , @Typhaine ,
Did you already test the API with ADALO? Not sure if it will run, as the API is based on GraphQL, and as far as I know, ADALO does not support GraphQL at the moment.

@JL_LJ I didn’t test it because I don’t use

Ok me neither, but looking at the documentation, I could be wrong, but don’t think this API will work with ADALO.

No I haven’t yet, I am trying but I’m beginning and it’s harder than I thought aha

I am not sure I understand :thinking:
This link is simply the URL of the Monday page that I’d like to link ?

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