Share database between an app made with Adalo and another app made by another way

Hello everybody,

Im making (a friend helping me (a lot)) a PWA without Adalo as the app has a specifc design (but it works like a Marketplace)

Now, I would like make a simple app where sellers could download new products (with pictures and description) & delete items if they dont have stock anymore. I think Adalo is the perfect solution for that.

So my question is this one : Is it possible to share the database between an app made by adalo and an app made by another way ?

Thank you in advance !! :slight_smile:

Hi @Vltblg - welcome to Adalo!

As far as I know currently, there are 2 ways to access the data in Adalo from “outside”.

  1. Zapier can both read and create records in adalo tables. But that’s it. It can’t update an existing record and it’s not suitable (and also very expensive) if you want to do lots of interaction. You couldn’t drive both apps off the same adalo database using Zapier but you could perhaps sync two separate databases. So in your case a “update item” table in Adalo could then periodically update the main database through Zapier.

  2. Adalo can work off Airtable tables and that has more options for connection- an API for example.

Either of those might help.


If your other app has an API you can check if Custom Actions might be what you need. Or alternatively, External Collections.

Thank you very much for all these details, I will check with Airtable

Thanks Colin, I will check also :slightly_smiling_face:

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