Linking to download from database

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I have a function whereby the user searches through several hundred makes and models of an item to find the one that they want, and then accesses a page where you can see all the information. I would then like to provide a link to a data sheet download for the model that they require. I would rather not host several hundred datasheets within my collection, and also don’t see the point as I can just provide links to other sites who are hosting it.

I have tried adding a text field to my database and simply putting the web address in it, but I can’t link a button to it to open it. Any ideas? Cheers.

You can create a text property in your collection that houses the external URL. Then on the text/button where you want to have the user go to that link you’ll click on Add Action (left slider) > Link > Website > Magic Text > Collection > Property with URL.

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Amazing, thank you Ashley!

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