How to add Magic External Link not pooled from Logged in User's Data

I may sound unclear, but I just realized if I want simple button or text to link to External Link with a Magic text.
There are only one source from I can pull this data. And it’s only from Logged in User’s Data. And It’s fine.
But when I want to add data from any other database whether it related to User or Not, there is no options I can only pool “Count”.

Why is this a problem? I can just type my external link. Yes, but if I want to make change link, I have to force native users to update the app, only for one link.

I know there are some ways to workaround this. And one of the easiest is to make it a list.

But I could just add Database called LINKS and have all my NOT DYNAMIC links, assigned to buttons across all my app, and change them anytime I want.

I just don’t get why it is impossible, I don’t see technical problem at all.
Hope you understood me. Please share your ideas and thoughts about it, and how your workflow it?

Hey there @deadpool
This is completely possible.

Once you create the list, THEN update your button to “Current Link > URL” (or whatever your URL parameter is named).

Take a look here. I added a collection called Links with a Name and a URL parameter.

I’ve added 1 link to show you: Site 1 with Google as the link.

For your list, set the filter to Links where Name is equal to Site 1 (or whatever your link name is) and set it to 1 maximum item.

Last, go into the button settings and add the Link to the External Link.

Set the URL to Current Link > URL