List, based on a relationship field, not refreshing upon user change

I have a page that shows two lists of the same collection. An item will show in one list if the value of a relationship field is X and another list if it is Y. It’s a “status” field with three possible values.

I have a screen that let’s the user change that value from X to Y and they returns them to the screen with the lists. But when they return, the item does not move to the proper list. (Yes, I have auto-refresh turned on)

If the USER makes this change, it does not refresh the lists.
If I manually refresh the page myself, the lists refresh.

And to frustrate me further, upon troubleshooting this, I found that if I go into the database and make the change manually, the lists refresh EVERY TIME instantly.

What is it about the user making a change that would delay this crucial behavior?

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Can you post a screenshot or two of how you have set this up? I have a feeling that this may be a problem with using the “Link Back” functionality as it is not triggering a “refresh” of this data when doing so.

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