List cutoff help

I am trying to make a group chat rn. I have two issues though.

  1. The list “cutoff” seems to be lower than the text input and send buttons, and I don’t know how to fix it.
    I do not want the texts to be able to go behind this input and the black boundries.

  2. I would like the list to move up as more texts are sent, instead it currently stays stationary and the user has to scroll down by themselves

On the screen where your chat list is add a transparent rectangle on the page. This way the page will scroll up high enough to fit the rectangle. You can adjust the height to whatever you need. I do this on a lot of lists in my app because I like to have a bit of padding at the end of scrolling lists.

thanks, is there a way to have it automatically jump to the bottom of the page when a new text is sent?

And how do I stop the list from going off the screen?

Anybody know?

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