List / Entry Count Filtering Issue

I’m having an issue with filtering my list.

Each record has a number associated with it, and once the count of a user’s created list (ex: 10 entries made) it updates the list to show all results with the numbers equal or lesser than the entry count.

So, when you make 10 entries, you can see an item on a list that indicates your milestone.

I’ve been at this for quite a bit, and am not sure what the issue is. I attached a screenshot of my work here:

Hi @aletorre ,

Try making 2 lists and set visibility for their count, so first list will show without filter if count is less than certain number, and second list with filter if count is greater than that number.

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I think this is an issue with the Count of entries made by the user (the orange bubble), as when I try your method and also add random numbers instead of the orange bubble variable, it works.

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Visibility also works to refresh the list content so it can display with another fresh filtered data.