List not formatting right


Does anyone know why my custom list goes from looking like this:

to this:

The issue is that the box should not be going to both sides. Also this isnt the only list that this is happening. And this particular list was fine like a minute ago.

Hi @Archer,

Did you try grouping the components inside the list?

This two topics might help here too! : Unexpected component resize , Bug design rectangle for listing

Thank you

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Ahhh okay I fixed it.

You’re right, the content needs to be grouped. But that isn’t what is stopping it from being formatted correctly. It does format when there are actions on the list. (apparently this is a known bug, but for some reason I am only seeing it now)

So therefore, if you group all the content (like you said @dilon_perera then you can put the action(s) on the group and it will be pretty much the same.

Thanks for showing the sources. I really appreciate your help.

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