List of different asset types

Hey there, how are people creating lists of varied components? For example, I have a feed that shows the most recent video, image, pdf and audio files, but as a list I can’t get each asset to show within a single list (the list selection allows for only one type, ‘video’ for example).

The same goes for different notification types within a list.

Any ideas?


Hi @rollo I’m storing files of different types in one collection, then showing users their list of files - I am doing this by assigning each file a Type, Image/Video/Audio/Document/Spreadsheet&PDF…
That way I don’t have different collections for each file type - I just have all files in one collection but just categorise them when there being added. Got the inspiration from attaching files into a WhatsApp chat - it asks for the type of file first… Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @rollo,

As another idea - you could create the “Feed” collection, which will aggregate all other assets into it. Add a “Feed Type” field (so that you know what to display and how), and add relations to video/image/pdf collections. With this you could even have a multiple files in a single “Feed” record.

Idea of @dasuksta is a good one as well.


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This is great, thank you. One last piece - how do you show each different file type visually in the list (card style) when they are different formats? (video, image etc) and thus need totally different plugins to display them? cheers

this ‘feed type’ field is a great idea, thanks Victor.

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Hi @rollo, I once stacked the different elements/components like this in a custom list in one of my apps and used conditional visibility to hide them if that field is empty. In my case, it would be either a image or a video for that particular post, so i could stack them easily. You may have to tweak the display accrodingly.

Hope it helps.



Hey @rollo
I’m building out the Web version of my app first (I know!!) so doing the overlays was causing me some layout issues. I used conditional rules when users select the file, check the file “Type” and then navigate the user to they preview for that particular type of file - else all others go to a standard/default view.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


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