List of lists - Feeds & shares

Hi - I am trying to create a feeds & shares social media replica.
And I tried to use the ‘list of lists’ to make that possible. I am using the current feed as part of the share.
the result is - first feed and share worked good.
But after that for every feed, it is automatically creating number of shares based on the overall count of previous feed. I think I might be missing something here but not able to figure out myself. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Could you share more about about how your database is structured? Specifically how feeds, shares, and users are related to each other?

Hi Ben -

All of them are one to many. A user can have multiple feeds. A user can have multiple shares. and A feed can have multiple shares. Here are the screenshots. Thanks

And @Ben , Here is how my list structure. Thanks

Thank you for sending over the screenshots. I’m still not completely following, would it be possible to do a screen recording?

Hi @ashley, Here it is. I have ‘all shares’ as filter and not ‘shares for current feed’ (unlike other list of lists examples). Please take a look at this video. Issue for me is - If I share 1 feed, it shares all existing feeds not just the current feed. Thanks

screen recording

Hi @KNV,

Thanks for the screen recording. I just looked over it but what I am missing from this is the idea of what the goal is you are trying to achieve here? What should the end result look like for the actions being taken?

Perhaps we could jump on a call to discuss this 1 to 1 and I can assist you in getting this working. Let me know if that would help.