Share list with other users

Hi All,

I am quite new to Adalo and I am trying to get users to share lists with each others.
I have a data base for users and other for Lists. And I want to keep the relation as 1 user- many lists, since I want each list to have one ‘owner’.

My intention is that each ‘owner’ can share their lists with other users, but they can’t modify the lists.
I have been looking in the forum and the tutorials but can’t find a solution.
Can anybody point me into the right direction? Any tutorial or if this issue is solve in any thread?

Thank you!!

Hi @MartaG ,

Add another relationship field beside the owner field, this time this relationship field will be many to many (3rd option) and initialize it first the same as owner.

If you want to share to other users, use update action and at this field use add user option.

When showing the list, filter with something like logged in user>name of the new relationship field.


I didn’t know I could make two diferrent relationships between the same two collections!!

This makes it much easier!

I tried letting the list owner to select the users to shared it with from a list of users, using the favourite button . . . it is actually so simple that I feel dumb I didn’t see this before.

Thank you again!