Lists of records of external database duplicates the same record

I have a dynamoDB table in aws. I have succesfully linked it to the adalo app. So when i test the get all method, all the records show up. for example these three records show up.

“User_ID”: “/”,
“Crew_ID”: “Bo Peep”,
“First Name”: “Bo”,
“Last Name”: “Peep”
“User_ID”: “/”,
“Crew_ID”: “Buzz Lightyear”,
“First Name”: “Buzz”,
“Last Name”: “Lightyear”
“User_ID”: “/”,
“Crew_ID”: “Sheriff Woody”,
“First Name”: “Woody”,
“Last Name”: “Sheriff”

When i try to list these records only the last record “Woody” is displayed three times instead of all three records. image

I think the issue is with the API structure, I had this issue with YouTube api and turned out to be with the API structure.

Suggest you raise a ticket to support team add share the api details, to check if that’s the problem

  1. I submitted a ticket on ur site - URL

  2. But did not get a link to track it

  3. Please let me know how to go about this, as it is a serious blocker at my end and several key stakeholders are involved.