Livestreaming in adalo

Hello hi I’m making a virtual church app and I need to insert a livestreaming feature where by followers can stream live content from the app as both audio and video.

Not possible with adalo at my knowledge.

Hey, I’m not here to argue, but I’ve seen several of your answers in which you say “no, it’s not possible with adalo”, when many times it was possible to obtain the result in another way :wink:

About livestreaming you should look at the API or some custom components, Zapier + YouTube is a good combo, but for now I have never seen anyone make a stream app within adalo

Well, show me how to live stream with adalo. I do not know all

thanks so much for the suggestion @Eugen and @pushingpandas thanks for the straight forwardness i appreciate the balance in the community. I have found out about integromat / MAKE and it offers a seamless way of connecting nearly all platforms together so i’ll soon figure out a workflow and update on the community.


keep us updated on your progress. Thank you

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