Loading data problem


On iOS testflight, the app does not load data form adalo database.

It’s not first build. And it did load on iOS before. But currently, it loads nothing.

It works well on preview. But no data is available on actual iPhone.

Any advice is welcomed. thanks.


Same issue with android app, the database is not working on published app, since yesterday.

@yamadatarou are you using google signin to onboard users? I’m asking because i’ve experienced this problem since adding this component to app

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Yes, I am seeing this for builds from yesterday evening India time. PWA is working fine, but the android app shows no data. Lists/Dropdowns everything is empty.

@Colin Any Help here?

same here, it does work on web… so I think is some configuration issues in the app distributions

Somehow the same here…
The functions in my PWA are not right and the information from mobile apps are not there…
I have no idea how to make it clear @Adalo that those apps are live and implies clients…

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My old app which is in Google Play Store is working without any issue.

So, I don’t think it is impacting already published apps. A couple of my new apps are facing this issue.

Hey Everyone! We’re investigating now. I’ll update you all as soon as I know more. I can confirm with @Kaigal that apps published in the app stores are not affected. It appears only new builds in TestFlight and Android in the last day are having the issue.


Yes, im using google login. But it worked well before with google login.

So i think google login is not what causes the problem.

Let’s wait for the report from Adalo.

Hello all,

I’m having the same issue also.

Same issue… Data base also randomly not reading or writing information to/from collections…

Awsome, back to business. The database is showing.

Yes, it’s back to normal!

Thank you all for joining us.

Having same exact issue. Thought i did something wrong.

Issue Resolved!

The issue with the data loading in new builds has been resolved and the good news is that you won’t have to rebuild your app — the fix is already live. (Side note: this was only affecting builds in the last 22 hours, so data was still loading fine for any builds older than that timeframe.) Apologies for the issue with the builds that were affected here.


Thanks a lot @David. Appreciate @Adalo’s support here.

This is NOT resolved. I have the same issue. Even built a new one just to check.

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Some of my lists on PWA are also not showing up https://vimeo.com/502097596/2a89a2fd66

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