Lists not working in App

The lists in my app are not loading on all platforms. Need help asap please!

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Having the same issue. I thought it was just me.

I’m seeing the same thing… just spinning loaders with no data.

Ah, same here. Console reports what appears to be 403 errors accessing database url’s? If so, it’s happening to me too.

I see it in other apps too. Not all lists, but likely the ones with more robust visibility rules. Hard to say for sure. Varied errors in console. I don’t know enough about the errors to know what is really happening, but it’s clearly an aggressive error.

Getting the same issue in my app now as well. Looks like it’s most lists. I can’t really nail down what exactly is the common denominator between the lists that aren’t showing. PWA, IOS and Android.

Just started working properly again. Is there a way to get info from Adalo about what might have happened?

My app is still doing this today!