Almost All Data Missing in Testflight

I’ve published my app and updated it on the app store multiple times. For some reason prior to a few error logs, the newest published versions of my app are missing almost all data. I don’t understand how or why this could have happened?

If I could frame things properly, there are no directory options to select from although I have 11 categories in my database.

Hey @adalouser500 sorry that happened to your most recent build. The issue should be resolved now. More info :point_right: Loading data problem - #12 by yamadatarou

thank you David!! Everything is working fine!

Hi David,

I spoke too soon. I’m having a lot of errors and issues with page loads that were not prevalent on the PWA they are only prevalent on the IOS version of the app. It may be that I’m being impatient but after multiple attempts to have the proper process take place I get stuck at dead ends that shouldn’t be there. When i check online everything is in order and the PWA doesn’t have the same issues. I’m just trying to figure out if is this is a backend issue. I know you all work really hard and I appreciate the prompt responses and help but I’ll be honest when unexplainable things occur at random it’s a bit worrisome based on the invested time and money I’ve put into this project.

My biggest issue is trying to perform a transaction, I’m wondering if this has to do with me using the test flight app and previewer to perform the transaction as both opposing parties, does this cause delays?

Hi @adalouser500, sorry to hear you are still experiencing issues here. I do believe the 2 issues are unrelated but would very much like to get to the bottom of your 2nd issue there with transactions. I have sent you a link via DM to schedule a short 15min call with me to look into this further.

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