Loading list issue with iOS


I’m having issues when launching my app on iOS, at first the list appears properly on the Home Screen, then goes away after 1sec. (video enclosed)

After clicking on other tabs and returning to home, the list appears again.

On web or android everything is fine.

Does anyone has the same issue or knows why?


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@intimur Is there a visibility rule set on that component or group of components?

Coincidently I’ve been having the same issue, I posted about it on the Slack a day or two ago. It’s happening in my TestFlight app. No visibility rules.

However when you open from the web there’s zero issues loading the same list.

cc @Colin

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Any word here on this issue? It seems several of us are experiencing the same bug

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We are looking in to it.


thanks @Colin , same as @jca no visibility rules on that component, only a filter for logged in users

@intimur @jca Are you still experiencing this issue? A few fixes went out this weekend that could have solved this.

Just checked yup still seeing it. @Colin Not sure what it could be, again I have no visibility rules.

Hi @Colin, thanks for the message. Yep, experiencing the same issue… should I try releasing a new built?

Yes, please try. As I am having difficulty trying to reproduce this issue right now.

Hey @Colin I just ran a new build and pushed to TestFlight, the issue is still happening.

An update here: Still not able to reproduce it so I have escalated a ticket to the dev team to see if they can discover the issue.

Thanks! Here’s hoping for a quick fix :pray:

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