Still iOS loading issue

Hello, I really need your help.
There is still this loading bug/issue with my list. If you visit the first screen (homefeed), the list wont load. The list will only load if you visit another screen first and then return to the initial page (homefeed).

I’ve been reporting this issue several times to Adalo Support and to the help forum here. I didn’t get an answer yet, so I am not sure if anybody is fixing this bug. Would appreciate any help or if some of you could report this bug too!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @WieMeBe. There are a few topics on the forum about this limitation and how you can get around it. It’s something we will be working on solving in the near future, but for now the workarounds are a great solution.

You need to add a blank screen with a screen action link to your current desired home page. Then make this new blank screen your home page in the screen settings. A new build will be required for the changes to be seen.

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Hi @ben1 thank you very much for your answer!
Do you know how long Adalo will need to solve this problem? I mean, this workaround is okay but I would appreciate this to work without any issues.

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