Loading Screen, How?

Can anyone please help me out on how to add a loading screen to my app.

You can link to a blank page with a Lottie image that looks like a loading screen. Then use countdown timer to set an action after a few seconds to change screen.

This just ‘imitates’ a loading screen though. I don’t think there is a real loading screen feature that works automatically.


you’re the best. it working good with me.

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@theadaloguy Is there a way to use this and have an action based out of 2 variables?
Collection has fields A and B
If A is empty → Go to page X
If B is empty → Go to page Y
If anything else → Go to page Z

Hi Virtcaio,

Yes you can with advanced options on the actions.

Create 1 action for each and put the appropriate condition on it.

Link Page X (if Collection->A is equal to Empty)