App randomly refreshes screen

My app randomly just reloads the screen sometimes. It’s hard to catch cause it only does it randomly and sometimes not at all.

Does anyone else have this issue?

doesn’t really happen on testflight or the app, might of seen it 1-2x there but 99% of the time it happens with previewer.

What you mean for refreshing?
Have you got some loading screens? With Lotties or Countdown.
I had this issue in past because of this, but now i know a method to bypass the “jump bug”

Yes, I have both. lol. I was thinking it had to do with countdown, cause that’s when i started to notice it. But no screen or action was incorrect, so assumed it had to be something else.

What is the method to bypass the “jump bug”? lol

It is so easy. Put a new boolean property for Users, let’s call it Loading
• Set your Lottie’s visibility to true when user Loading = True
• Set Actions on Screen :

  • Update user - Loading - True on your SplashScreen/ Loading Screen
  • Update user - Loading - False on your first Screen after the Loading

Lottie was still working even in background, but with a switch like this, now is fine

Hope that helped

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I do this on the screen with lottie & countdown?

Screen 1 = 1 lottie + countdown
Screen 2 from 1 = 3 lotties (dashboard)

Should work even with multiple components but I haven’t test it yet, just with a single or double lottie

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It still does it in previewer. Have you noticed this works better on live builds vs Adalo preview?

I’ll be doing a few TestFlight builds anyways.

For me, it is fixed even on preview. Native build is fine.
I will show you my preview this afternoon

I’m noticing the jump happen a lot less, but ive seen it do it 3x since 24hrs. which is substantially less. and you and me both dont see it in native really (rare), so im probably good.

I removed lotties on the 2nd screen, so now its just:
Splash / loading screen = 1 lottie and 1 countdown
Dashboard = no lottie / no countdown.

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