Local Fashion Marketplace App

What is up guys? I’d like to share my first ever Adalo app with you. A local fashion marketplace app, since I noticed a lack of quality fashion industry apps in my country. This, of course, is an english version of the app for you guys to check out, play around and hopefully give me some feedback on it. You’re welcome to enter fake credentials and buy any of the listings one the app since it is a “pay on delivery” system and there is no real payment yet. Basically what it means is you just get a receipt of order. All the listings are fake for testing purposes.

It really is amazing how Adalo works. I started creating this on Monday, without ever knowing about Adalo before that. Come friday and I built myself a nice little MVP. Can’t wait for performance upgrades and in-app purchases. Really excited for that. Also thanks to all the forum members and Adalo staff helping out. Gonna buy an Apple Developer License and Adalo Pro Account soon. Hopefully the app performs well.

Anyways, here’s the link: Project Zodiac (EN)

Yours sincerely,
Johnny Truelove.


@zodiak Very Nice app!

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I couldn’t find this app. Did you remove it @zodiak ?

Hey Colin, yes I removed it for now. Sorry about that, had some issues. Will be reposting when the app is officialy on the app store.