Selling an Adalo built app

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has sold their adalo built app and how you went about it. I am looking to sell an app I have built but do not know where to list it on and what the process of exchanging ownership is like. Also am a little worried that buyers would loose interest after knowing it is built using adalo and not coded.

Thanks! Any feedback or help would be great.

Maybe Flawless ( @Flawless ) can give some advice? :slightly_smiling_face: : Introducing "Templar Design" (Adalo Templates & UI Kits)

Also Boglex ( @Boglex )? : Introducing Shop for Adalo App Templates

Absolutely @dilon_perera.

Hey @dixonmatt45, that’s pretty much the entire basis of my business Templar Design where I sell Adalo templates.

That post Introducing “Templar Design” (Adalo Templates & UI Kits) pretty much covers it, but here’s a formal reply to your inquiry.

For starters, be clear with your deliverables. If your app is the right solution for the user, the customer may or may not care what it was built with, as long as it functions properly. You can tell them that it was built with Adalo.

If the app is built in Adalo and the users get scared away because it was built in Adalo… Cool. You want people that are willing to try Adalo if they haven’t yet, active Adalo users, or people that haven’t even heard of Adalo.

It’s all about the value and how you sell it.

Now, how do we sell the apps?
First, collect payment. Obviously lol.

Then, I simply send a cloneable app link to the customer where they can clone the app they’ve purchased into their own Adalo account.


Hey ! You can list your project here :

i already sold some web project but I too want to sell adalo app but I don’t know how the transfer will work

Yeah I was looking at flippa, but was wondering if anyone had experience with transferring the app.

@Flawless Thank you for all the detail, but I was looking more on the lines of like flippa or something like that. It is a full scale photo sharing social app i had built and launched but ultimately did not have the resources to bring it to its full potential (ie get a large user base), so I want to sell it the app.

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Then you can just hand the account over to your customer and have them take over the payment. Downgrade to “Free” plan first then change the email address and password. Last, deliver the new login credentials to the customer.

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Ok so i guess there is no way to do so without transferring my whole account. Thank you for the help!

I suppose there could be a 3rd option where you create a new account for your customer, clone the app to that new account, then hand the new account to the customer.


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