Localisation other people

Hello everybody !

Only one question :

Is it possible with adalo to know if :

« there is people whith the same app around me »

For example , I click in my app on. « near me « and when it is done , I see all people around me ( people who have the same app like me «

Thanks a lot

Regards ,


Hi Christophe,

It’s possible in two different ways:

  1. The easy work around is have users select a city/region during onboarding and then they can see other users in the same city/region.

  2. the more difficult workaround is using Google Map’s API to calculate the exact distance between two points - Overview  |  Distance Matrix API  |  Google Developers

Either way, users have to provide their location (exact or from your list if you use cities/regions). Adalo does not have native GPS functionality yet (Location GPS | Voters | Adalo)

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