Location services intermittently not working

I have a puzzling issue. My app uses location services (Google API) to determine if a user is at a particular address at a particular time. I have tested my app on several devices. Everything works as expected nearly all the time. However, one user’s location was not updating properly on her iPhone 13. (Her location shows as a place she used to be, rather than is currently.) When she turned the phone off and restarted it, the location then updated properly. The user indicates that she regularly uses her phone with other apps that use location services, such as Uber, with no problem. What are possible explanations why my build would work on multiple devices but not on one device, which then does work after a restart?

Tell her to uninstall the app and reinstall it and when prompted for Location permission she should choose “While using the app” not “This time only”. She can also just set that in permissions.

The user indicated that she had set her permission to “While using the app” when she installed it. She also reported that turning her phone off and turning it back on led to her location in the app being updated.

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