Log in with Apple not working

I’ve got several apps where the login with Apple used to work and now has stopped working. Now all it does when I click the button is refresh the screen after it does the Face ID. It does not create an account, it does literally nothing.

My settings are all configured correctly in Apple. I’ve already checked through these settings multiple times. It’s exactly how it should be. It was actually working a few weeks ago and nothing has changed.

I’ve made some in app updates and pushed them to the store so not sure if that would have any bearing on it.

I have a few actions on the buttons.

  1. When creating an account it will do some automatic field updates.
  2. Depending on a user field, when logging in, it will send them to a different screen.

Any help on this?

Any help on this?

Adalo had all their apps go down a week or so ago because of this component.

You might need to search the forum for that thread to see what recommendations they had.

Sorry you haven’t gotten any help. I know that’s frustrating.

If you haven’t already, could you please Submit a Support ticket so we can further help you with this issue?

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