Log out - event

Hello, I would like to ask for help. I have a date of an event. A client logged in for a current event (date and time). Now I want to set the log out visibility -24 hours before the event. How can I do this through “change visibility” -> “sometimes visibility” ? We tried it “is before” - date and time, but it stil does not work correctly. Thanx for your help and advise.

Hey Andreas,

I’m not sure I understand the exact goal you are trying to achieve here.

Is it that you are trying to change the visibility of a component based on the date+time that a user last logged out?

Yes, you understand. Log out event 24hours before the event.

If you create a collection for “tracked events” with a relationship to the user being tracked.

Then another collection for event actions and create a relationship between the two.

A record would look like this:

You should have everything you need in order to filter down to what you will need.

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