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Hello, I would like to ask for help. I have a date of an event. A client logged in for a current event (date and time). Now I want to set the log out visibility -24 hours before the event. How can I do this through “change visibility” -> “sometimes visibility” ? We tried it “is before” - date and time, but it stil does not work correctly.

I have troubles with creating log out buttons from my events. The log out button should not be able or should not be visible a day before the event.

Thanx for your help and advise.

Hi Andreas, I answered this previously when you asked a few weeks ago. Log out - event

Hello Colin,
I tried to wrote you directly “Log out - event” but it was not possible, because there was written “CLOSED 4 DAYS AGO
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No problem. Did that post not solve the problem you were having with this though?

I undrestood what you wrote, but why should I create a database, when I already have one? I am just trying to solve the problem withe the log out button. 24hours before the event the button should not be visible.

I already created a database, like you wrote me. What shoud I do next?


the log out visibility -24 hours before the event.

I’m having the same problem as you getting this to work. I will ask the team what we may both be doing wrong and get back to you with hopefully a solution!

thanky you :slight_smile: have nice day

I think this should do the trick. Let me know if it doesn’t.

This ws my first idea, but the button did not get unvisible 24 hours before the event. Here is a link with a video

Hi @AndreasAyoCruz,

Out of curiosity, I’ve made a small example of showing/hiding buttons. May be this could help?
One important note - the buttons will not appear / disappear automatically - this requires app screen refresh.

@AndreasAyoCruz Sorry no voice in your video, so quite difficult to understand…

Am I correct, that you want to make this button disappear if Current Date is less than 1 day before Datum a Cas?
Then, logically: button should be visible if [current date + 1 day] is less than [datum_a_cas].
So it’s not “1 day ago” like in video, but “1 day from now”, from my point of view.

I tried what you wrote “tomorrow” - “before” - “date and time of the event” - this is not working
I tried “date and time of the event” - “before” - “tomorrow” - this is working, but not correctly, because the button disappears for all the upcoming events

That’s interesting. I’ve tried to change my example to “Tomorrow” instead of “5 minutes from now”, set the deadline for less than 24 hrs, and button didn’t disappear.
However, when I changed the deadline to 23:59 TODAY, the button disappeared.
So it seems that “Tomorrow” is calculated and applied not on hourly basis, but on daily basis. @Colin is it correct?

Don’t know how to fix this, though.

At the moment there are a few bugs surrounding dates and times (timezone related) that could have an affect on this

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