Time-sensitive disappearing buttons

Basically, I want to create a button that disappears after you press it for 24 hours, then comes back again.

How can I do this?


Hi @BeautifullySimple,

Not exactly an answer to your question, but this topic might be useful for you: Log out - event dance
It is a discussion how to make a button disappear 24 hrs before the event.

For your exact case, I’d suggest having a property Logged-In User → Visible After (date time), and show / hide button based on this property. Can’t test it right now, what I envision is having an action on a button: Update Logged-In User → Visible After, set it to Current Time + 1 (which means 24 hrs after current time).
And then set a visibility on a button that it is Sometimes Visible, when Logged-In User → Visible After is before Current Time.

Best regards, Victor.

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