Log user in without Email and password

Is it posible to create a user without them having to register or log in?

I have created a separate db to pupulate the data I need from the user but look like some functionalty goes missing if its not a actual “user” in the app

Hi @KevinSmith,

You mean something like this? : Display Form Input ( the app that I shared in your other topic )

What you can do is before the home screen in a screen add a button and add the Signup action that you can find in the More section when you try to add a new action and then you can fill the email and the password with a value.

I have made the above shared app clonable!

Thank you

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Bro this is exactly what I needed, You can send me your paypal link if this is alowed I would like to return a favor with a TIP to thank you for your help!

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