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Hello! Help me, please, maybe someone knows

Is it possible to sign up without email, only username and password in Adalo? Most people for whom my application does not have email. They use Telegram messenger and have a unique username in this. If I just delete the field "email’, the error appears “User email already exists”.


Hey @Julia, I don’t think there’s a way to sign up without email… I think in the near future we’ll have third party authentication such as Facebook and Google.

But for now, the user has to key in their email address. For most authentication on apps, email address is usually the unique identifier, so there’s little workaround for this…

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What’s the workaround? Сould you tell me?

Oh little workaround but I’m not sure what the workaround is :joy:

You could make your app available to everyone without having to log in. Or if there’s any verification to be made, just make it as such that they have to key in their Telegram username

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Hi @Julia @vancewong

It is possible to sign up with username/password, but not with the built-in forms. You will have to create a custom form for that.
Hint for a sign-up - the signup action will complain that “email already exists”. I’ve managed to find workaround by adding the same input field value to user’s email field as well.
Just created the Proof-of-Concept in my experimental app - seems to work fine.
For the reference:

Talking about completely anonymous apps, that’s a different story. In brief, there is no session storage, so either you have to “invent” your own sessions storage mechanism, or create non-personalizable app, or utilise built-in user’s mechanism.
See the thread here:


Victor, thank you so much. I will definitely try to do it

Ok :slight_smile: if you have any question about late login - don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

HI, Victor.

Please tell me I have to create a custom form in Adalo by adding my fields or I have to use 3rd Party service? I don’t understand where to insert the same input field value to user’s email field as well


Hi Julia,

Not sure I get your question.
“Create custom form” means that you don’t use built-in forms, but just use the basic field.
In your case you will need 2 input fields - for username and password, and button to sign up. I’ll make a short video explaining a bit later.

Oh, Victor, you are my hero, that would be great thank you very much…

Hi @Julia,

Here it is: Adalo Experiments: how to allow users sign up with username - YouTube

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Hi, Victor. I managed ))))

I went the wrong way. I thought what should be used component ''fields", but there is no such component separately without built-in form. Everything turned out to be easier. It was necessary to use component “text input” :grinning:

Thanks again for your help

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

By the way, it seems that user uniqueness is checked against the email, and is really important. I’ve occasionally managed to create several users with same usernames, which resulted in a lot of glitches. So probably better to fill in email field instantly, with the same value as username.
Just sharing my experience )

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