Logged out of app every time I close the Previewer

Every time I close the previewer and reopen I’m logged out!
My app, like many, require you to create an account and login, but this is the first time I’ve seen this behaviour.
Everything was fine yesterday, but not so much today.
This happens despite which screen I happen to be viewing when I close the preview window, so it’s not related to one single action or window.
I’ve certainly not added or changed anything which might illicit this behaviour…

Any thoughts??

Happened to me as well, although I welcome this as a feature not a bug. If our apps contain sensitive user data and our users are on shared computers, it’s good hygiene to automatically log out the user when the browser or browser window closed.

I fixed it by deleting the browsing history and cache.

Hi @msmurfitt @tdhi,

I’ve filed the bug earlier today. The case was reproduced by Adalo support team and hopefully it should be passed to Dev team for a fix.
As I’ve seen this is not Adalo-wide but somehow related to app/browser/version.

Best regards, Victor.

I’m also facing the same issue, even after history and cache cleared.