Login with external webhook/API

I am investigation whether Adalo will work for what we want to do.
We would like to create a mobile app based on an existing web-based system that is powered by MongoDB Atlas, including authentication using MongoDB Realm.
How can I set up the log in in Adalo to authenticate/work with MongoDB Realm?
For example, could we do it via a webhook:

Currently, the users have created an account with MongoDB Realm using either Email/Password or Google Auth:

This is our only main blocker for moving forward with Adalo.

Hey there,

We are investigating the same basically.
I was wondering if you had a solution to it yet

Thanks in advance

I got this to work by creating an api in node that uses the Realm React library to authenticate using a Realm app id. I pass the user email/pwd via External users dialog of Adalo and then obtain a token and user id that I pass back to Adalo

is this the only/best way to ensure the user can download the database so that they can use the app offline? and does this also speed up the app as well in your experience?

Thank you :slight_smile: