External Users Login Issue

Hi Adalo Team,

I hope all are good and in good health. I am new to adalo and we are in process of integrating our custom web app with adalo mobile app. I am facing a very odd issue.

we have api’s ready which can connect with Adalo and communication is not an issue. I am facing one very odd issue which is while setting up the login it is giving us an issue.

i can successfully test the url and url is giving use the response back as expected. In the full response i am getting all the response which i am sending from the web app. But the problem is the adalo is not picking up the right fields for authentication token and user id.

The screenshot is attached kindly check

In the screenshot you can see the full response an the adalo dropdown for the auth token and id.

Did anyone face the issue? Can you please help

Hi there. I am facing this issue also. Adalo uses “user id” as “auth token”, even though I have selected user-id for user-id and auth-token for auth-token. The result is that subsequent requests carrying the “authorization”-header uses weird tokens like “Bearer 13”

It’s possible that you need to flatten your response before it returns to Adalo, rather than having the “records” nested. If the object is flat, it should allow you to select all data.

I have found that the external users setup can bug if you keep changing it. In the past I’ve started again from scratch and it worked.

Hmm. That doesn’t sound too reliable.
The response is flat and I am able to select the respective fields (user id and token), but the issue is that when I click save the selected fields are not used.