Login with Username and Password only

Hi! How do I setup the Login screen with only Username and Password. The Signup screen can have all email, name, username and password but for login screen I don’t want the user to enter value for all the 4 fields. How can I do this?

Even better would be if I can remove the Email and Name fields from the Users collection completely then I won’t have to worry about email and name at all on either Signup or Login screens.

I’m doing this to give early adopters access to the app so that they can Login directly without Signing up. They will Login with pre-created username/password (which I’ll provide them offline). I’ll add the Signup screen later before production launch.


Hi! This can be achieved using a manual form currently. You’ll just need to add 2 text inputs and a submit button, then add a “Login” action on the submit button.

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Thanks Jeremy, that’s helps.
How do I bind the Submit button (Login action) with a Collection in this case? I don’t see any option to do that, I must be missing something.