Sing Up not for everyone


We do not want everyone to be able to log in to our app, so we want to give the users (indicated by us) a login and password with which they can log in. Can I fix this? Or is this not an option?


Hello @Annsofie90,

  1. Remove “Signup” screen and don’t add any screens/places where users can sign up.
  2. Make Login Screen a “Welcome” screen (select the setting for this screen on top left).
  3. Add users manually to the database.


Hello, as @Victor has mentioned, this is how you can do it. Also if you don’t want to add users manually, you can create a screen that contains a form which will let users submit a request which will include their information to have accounts on your app, and you can confirm each one of them after they submit that form.

Thank you!

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