Looking for a particular component to handle stopping users booking dates with no availability

I have a booking app which is in use currently but there is a limitation which is quite annoying.

Customers make booking by looking at a calendar, the calendar displays ‘available’ slots so customers click on a start and end date and that is their booking.

The problem is, the admin can remove available slots but that doesn’t stop their customers from booking around those dates so for example, if the app admin removed November 2nd and 3rd because they’re closed on those dates, the customers are still able to booking the 1st to the 4th in the current setup and theres no way to stop them doing that because those dates are available…

So it’s the ‘in-between’ dates that are causing a problem. So in the above scenario, ideally the app wouldn’t allow the user to make that booking, if anyone has any components to suggest that could handle that?

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