Looking for feedback on nextgen no-code experts platform

Hiii :wave:

Me and my friends are working on a new platform for no-code/automation experts to connect them with enterprise-level customers and help streamline freelance work with portfolio, invoices, payments and other free tools. You can learn a bit more here, we are still in stealth mode but are planning to launch soon.

Adalo is one of our main areas of focus as per demand we are seeing in.

Do you think it is something that could be valuable for anyone inside your community? Curious to know your thoughts!



Great initiative, looking forward to early access :+1:

This is a good idea and still worth trying, but you probably know that similar concept already flourishing, but maybe different wording or different implementation in the process.

No code is marketing term that is successful to drive people, fortunately few technical concepts are mature enough to be shaped and called no code.

But, inside it, we still know that it is packaging, wrapping, bundling, assembling and so on, but still better than nothing.

I once saw directory of no code tools but list so many things that actually a directory of software, so my thinking is, and may be you can fix my analogy, isnโ€™t a software is called no code because it used to be code only ?

If we use the software without code in old time and now still without code, isnโ€™t it funny to call it no code tools ? may be I am wrong, but this is how my brain wired.

Because you will surface and considered recent startup, may be you can fix those terms, to just include used to code, but now with no code.

I hope this is not confusing, my apology if it happens.

Another thing, API is really important, many types of API can help or break us, but we cannot avoid them, and this is uncharted area and difficult to measure, so if we want to go specific, probably go for database API, such as supabase as recent trending product. I guess more products like this will emerge and bring some help but at the same time it will bring complexity too, but that is probably what you are trying to solve.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! At this stage, it`s really priceless for us :sparkles:

Thanks a lot for taking time to write this feedback! My team and I really appreciate it :pray:

What you wrote definitely make sense and there is a lot to think about here)

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