What are the top 10 no-code platforms used?

What are the platforms use guy have used to make applications? Are there any that standout?

Many developers use multiple platforms and I want to know which ones you guys spend your time on the most!

I learn that our time and especially focus is very scarce, especially combine with non technical thinking for other issues.

Every no code tools needs its own attention while it is comfortable on the outside to embrace many of them, to use them in practical way without spending further efforts need some learning curve which can only be drawn by giving focus before we really need them.

So for app builder which have the quickest learning curve, Adalo wins every time, but if you need deeper and wider area to solve, Bubble is an older brother, it is kind of intimidating at first but combined with learning curve of Adalo, they are actually perfect match.

Other tools are probably somewhere between.

But if you refer to non-technical software that is non app builder such as webflow or others, you will find lots of answers.

I started making NoCode apps (Blocks Programming) with Kodular and Thunkable in 2016. But after learning Adalo I left them back.
I tried other tools like Glide or Teta, but every time I come back to Adalo not because is the best, but because is the most simple and fast to useā€¦ I Still use other old tools sometimes, Kodular is fantastic for building Android Native Apps.

The current problem imho none of the no-code environments are really useful for tier 1 enterprise apps. Most are having trouble with performance and complex workflows. bubble is great for website database stuff - not so good for native apps. Adalo is awesome for native apps - but performance does not allow high frequented apps - Glide does not offer native apps - only pwa with no notifications and so on.

You are absolutely right, each of these tools has its negative points, adalo is the only one that can make up for these shortcomings thanks to its great versatility. Performance is still a big problem though.