Looking for Help for a Restaurant app

Hey there, anyone who could help me building the app? Cheers, Carmen

Hi Carmen,
First of all welcome to the community,

Can you be more specific about the project and what you need help for?

Did you start making the app yet?
Or do you need somebody to start from scratch?

Or maybe you want to build it yourself and you need a coach to guide you through 1 to 1 sessions?


I started and loved it :wink: But noticed that I need help. I used the “directory” template which comes very close to what I want to build. Someone with more knowledge is quicker I guess. It should be a restaurant app that stores the favourite restaurants via google map but combines it with the price tag that is shown in google maps already and the occasion that I manually tag (i.e. date, business) and the time of the day (i.e do I go for breakfast, lunch or for dinner)

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Hey @CarmenBeissner
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Hello, I sent you a private message with some apps that I made that we can put together for you!

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Hi @CarmenBeissner

We can help you design and develop the app as per your requirements. Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion.

I Just Sent You A Dm Would Be Glad to Help…