Looking for developers for a Restaurant/Delivery app

Hello community,

I think all of us need projects and work with quality clients. Today I just want to let you know someone posted a pretty interesting project on our platform www.rolade.io.

For details check the attached image below. You can send a proposal here: www.rolade.io

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I’m interested. I’ll work on the UI/UX

Hey @endieumunna you can join us on www.rolade.io and send your proposal to this project.

Hello, I have several order apps made … I’m interested!


Im selling this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wassalli.com

I already connected, sent a message and everything but we never know if the message reached the user, it was read, that is to say… no news!!

I gave you an option similar to this app that I made… where you have a user profile, admin and admin panel to place orders, have cash flow, discount coupons, loyal customer system

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