Looking for developers for a Restaurant/Delivery app

Hello community,

I think all of us need projects and work with quality clients. Today I just want to let you know someone posted a pretty interesting project on our platform www.rolade.io.

For details check the attached image below. You can send a proposal here: www.rolade.io

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I’m interested. I’ll work on the UI/UX

Hey @endieumunna you can join us on www.rolade.io and send your proposal to this project.

Hello, I have several order apps made … I’m interested!


Im selling this one https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wassalli.com

I already connected, sent a message and everything but we never know if the message reached the user, it was read, that is to say… no news!!

I gave you an option similar to this app that I made… where you have a user profile, admin and admin panel to place orders, have cash flow, discount coupons, loyal customer system

Hi Santiago!

I am looking to buy one of your templates and also use your help on personalizing it. Can you please contact so I can share the details? Thank you!

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Hi … how are u … sure … send me whatsapp +595984636313

The truth is that I joined the app, I sent the emails, I never know if the user saw it or not, no responses arrive, I signed up with the paid plan but it seems that there are no returns on what they publish or on the app

Hey @Santiago ! We are constantly improving the app because this is a common problem. Here are more than 200 freelancers registered, imagine what that means for a single project. All freelancers are jumping to them, that’s happening.

We recently deployed a new version where we verify each project/job posted on the platform before it is public. Also, latest jobs was published by trusted companies and their contact informations are available on Pro plan.

In you have any concerns, please contact me privately

Great I understand you, the growth is good, if there I saw that it has the yellow logo to see the data, I send you to DM

I had a similar experience, created a demo app for restauranr where hosting guests and meals delivery functions are supposed to be combined. It doesn’t involve connection to payment services and real mobile or e-mail intended authorization. Nevertheless, this product demonstrates all the opportunities a real restaurant/delivery application should provide clients with. Any person can sign up, look through the menu, make order and even apply for administrator’s rights. Actually I can develop this app into the full scale one. Send me a message if you are interested I can show you my work and we can discuss all the other information.