Looking for templates: tinder, shopify, Instagram, Uber Eats

Hi everyone,

As you might have known, I started a nocode template marketplace last year. There are some makers making a few thousand a year selling templates & add-on services on the platform.

We have some very common search queries that we don’t have templates for, so if you want to sell yours, we are looking for makers who are selling templates of the following apps.

There are the most common search terms we get that don’t have good results:

  1. Tinder clone
  2. Shopify (I guess people searching for this want an e-commerce template)
  3. Instagram & community apps (visual social media template)
  4. Uber eats (food delivery app)

People usually pay $150-300 for the template and then buy an additional consulting service from the maker to customize the app to their use case.

If you’re interested, you can upload your template to the marketplace here: Nocodeshare.co

PS: we are working on making it responsive

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Hi @axme
Do you have figures on how many users requested each template?

Hi I have a dating apps but the graphics are not very advanced.

I’m interested in knowing more. Can you share some images or videos about it, please?

Here is some template :
Youtube : Rease
Spotify : SPOTIFY
Onedrive : Onedrive
Shop : SpaceNow Shop
Tinder : YLOVE V2