Looking to buy a tinder / dating app clone Adalo template

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to buy a template for a tinder-like app.

Comment below if you have one or feel free to list it for sale on https://nocodeshare.co/ and I’ll buy it to you from there :slight_smile:

Needs to have:

  • great chat design with read receipts
  • Nice onboarding where people add their detials, minimalistic design
  • Well-designed profile cards

Thank you


I made one just like this. Check it out at: https://tindalo.poiema.io

Thanks :fire:

Hi Crystal

Can I customize the template on Adalo after purchasing it?

Hi i have an app that I can sell you

The interface is not very advanced but you can modify it and all the features are there. I am ready to sell it for about 30 €